commercial financing



We arrange Commercial Real Estate Financing and Asset Based Financing for small to middle market businesses with Private and Non Bank Lenders.
The alternative financing solutions that we arrange for our clients are generally quicker, more flexible and less restrictive than traditional bank financing.
We can arrange financing for brand new start ups, young and growing businesses, financially challenged turnarounds and established businesses in most industries.
We look forward to working with you.   

Real estate fund is the cornerstone of loan books for many banks and financial institutions involved in financing. For nearly all borrowers with real estate resources, this sort of finance is a substantial element in their general finance package. The recent chaos in the world’s financial markets, coupled with the dramatic slowdown in real estate markets and rapid recent devaluation of property assets presented significant challenges to all users and providers of the property fund; however, markets are now recovering strongly.

Regardless of the robust recovery, new and present transactions are subject to increasing scrutiny, with covenants and conditions precedent specifically under regular review. As bank lenders come back to the sector and non-bank lenders enter the current market, together with the improvement in market conditions, financing alternatives available are leading to innovative and intricate solutions — such as the incorporation of mezzanine, junior and subordinated debt arrangements – and that trend is expected to continue.

Our team includes lawyers with expertise in finance, real estate and taxation and can offer a seamless service, addressing the complications of both small and large lending transactions observed in property.