We specialize in arranging financing for Commercial Real Estate Projects ranging from $50,000.00 to $50,000,000.00 using a few select  Direct Private Lenders and Direct Non-Bank Lenders. We also work with a few select intermediaries that have access to lenders and/or investors that are not directly available to us.


Our main focus is to assist borrowers take advantage of value added and time sensitive commercial real estate opportunities through fast and innovative financing when banks and other conventional lenders cannot or will not meet their needs.


We have carefully navigated the somewhat precarious world of private and non bank commercial real estate financing over time and we are proud to work with the best that we have found. All of our lenders have stood the test of time having over 20 years of experience. In our approach, we do not have a huge database of lenders that we submit loans to on behalf of our clients in an effort to “shop” for the best rates and terms. Since there are very few true direct private and non bank lenders and each have differing criteria, it is very rare for an unconventional loan with varying complexities to be compatible with more than one of our lenders. Usually, the funding of an unconventional loan boils down to compatibility with just one lender and if they cannot fund it, nobody else that we know can fund it.