Finance function can be a differentiator in todays competitive market

In the highly competitive Real Estate industry a best in class finance function not only causes a lower cost finance role but also contributes to quicker and better decision making and attracts top talent to the organisation.

How can a Real Estate Company know where they fit and how to enhance their overall finance function to make it more successful? Unfortunately, there isn’t any silver bullet — instead, there is a selection of different areas that firms can focus on to make a best in class purpose.

The Australian economy has continued to experience substantial challenges over recent times as a consequence of the decrease in the resources sector, GDP growth remaining below trend, a significant decline of the money, money rates at all-time highs and an overall degree of uncertainty within the system. The continuing digitalisation and disturbance across multiple industries have led to clients demanding more at a lower price. Within this environment, while organisations are continuing to search for growth in both new and traditional areas, through invention, there’s a continuing focus on cost reduction and control and process optimisation.

This economic trend has led businesses to challenge their working model and concentrate on doing things differently to be able to achieve a lower cost finance function solution that provides improved value to the enterprise.

By doing this, the finance function has the chance to be raised from a compliance function to a strategic purpose that’s deeply involved in creating real-time data and analysis to affect company decisions, a win for your company and your finance group.