10 Reasons to Replace Your Drains

Plumbing is an issue that all home owners (or sellers) will face at least once in their lifetimes, however, there are certain things to keep an eye out for to make these painful situations much more manageable.

Regular backups and blockages

If you are experiencing regular blockages, your drains could need a good clean out. If you find blockages are still happening after your pipes have been professionally cleaned this could indicate a problem. Tree roots, cracks that are letting soil in, misaligned pipe connections and channelling can all be problems which will require replacing your pipes and drains.

Bad smell coming from the drains

A bad smell in your drains can mean a crack in your drain somewhere. This can be checked and verified by a plumber who can put a camera down your drains and check out what is causing the smell whether it is damaged pipes or gunk that is stuck and piled up.


Mould growth is a sign of damaged drain lines in between your walls somewhere. Some types of mould can grow when humidity is 55% or higher. If there is a cracked pipe behind a wall that is leaking, the humidity behind the walls can be enough for the mould to begin growing. After inspecting your home, if you can see mould growing behind the walls or on the surface of a wall then most likely you need your drains and pipes replaced.

Slow Drain

If your water is taking ages to flow away, this can mean a blockage in the drain system. If your sinks and bathtubs are only slowly draining even after you have cleaned the pipes out it could be the blockage is too big or is wedged and cannot be moved via the pipeline. Some people tend to buy chemical drain cleaners to clean their pipes. This is not advisable as the chemicals can sit in the pipes and eat away at the materials. If the problem persists consider contacting a blocked drain specialist for assistance.

Nice green patches of grass

If you can see nice green lawn in patches where there normally isn’t, and you haven’t been watering your backyard, this can indicate a leak in the pipes underground. If your sewage drain is the cause, the sewage will act as a fertiliser for the soil which will result in healthy, green lush grass.

Seeing indentations

If you see your pavers are starting to dip or grass is developing an indentation it could mean you have a leak in the main drain line. As the water is leaking into the ground and continually wetting it, this can cause the soil to dissipate and sink.

Cracks with the foundation

If you notice cracks in your foundation slab, it can mean there is a leak in your main line and once that area stays wet for a prolonged time cracks and sinkholes can develop.

Septic waste leaks in your backyard

If there is wastewater pooling into your backyard, it can indicate that you have a broken sewer pipe, clogged drains or broken septic tank.


Rats love to live in sewers, and they can get from the main city line to the pipes that go behind your walls. Rats can squeeze through the smallest cracks within your drain and sewer lines. If rodents are still appearing after pest control has been through your home, it could mean a crack in your draining line which a video inspection of the pipes using a drain camera will show.


If you see an insect infestation, it could mean a break in the drain. Mosquitoes, cockroaches, palmetto bugs and sewer flies are all attracted to old water that has been sitting for some time.

If you are experiencing any of the above problems be sure to have your drains inspected as leaving the problem to get worse will only end up in further costs and damages to your home.